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shakespeare in lovetheatre

date. 2018.10

producer. cape rep theatre

role. lighting designer

description. shakespeare in love, the play. in this small venue, the space above the rafters is always in view. for this production, we decided to fill the space and extend the playing space up to the back wall, allowing the wall to serve both as entrances and playing space, as well as providing a backdrop for the action. the same is true of the side of this wide space. the wings were meant to be seen, not just as entrances, but as background for action to the extreme sides as well. we decided we wanted to be able to push the color a little farther into more saturated colors, and having the background and heavens allowed us to do that without painting saturated light across the actors as well.

director. maura hanlon

scenic designer. ryan mcgettigan

costume designer. robin mclaughlin

control. programmed on ETC EOS, custom rgb led tape for the heavens above.

shakespeare in love low iso right
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