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memphis. theatre

date. 2022 tour

producer. showslot

role. lighting designer

description. for memphis, even though the themes of racism and class politics are still relevant today, it was important to us to ground the piece in the actual time period. as a touch point, we wanted to ground the majority of the scenes in white light. while it may not look like it from the photos, the contrast between scenes that took place on the street or in predominantly white settings were grounded in warm white, whereas all of the nightclub and tv show scenes we were felt it necessary to push the color and the emotion. nothing about the nightclub should feel dingy, but it should feel like a 'letting loose' - a safe place for the characters to be who they are, in stark contrast to settings dominated by white characters, where casual racism was the status quo.

director. carlotta jarchow & silvio wey

choreographer. Timo Radunz

set designer. Mara Schönborn

costume designer. Mara Schönborn

musical director. Hans-Tilmann Rose

lx progammer. Svein Selvik

memphis the musical - in delrays

Photo by Klaus Manns

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