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league of legends OC 2021. broadcast

date. 2021.10

role. associate lighting designer/gaffer

description. when riot games pivoted its league of legends 2021 opening ceremony from a live show to a 15 minute mini movie that integrated animation with live action shots, the decision was made to recreate a street in the city of Zaun and a lab in Piltover for two of the musical segments of the piece. the street set was only as tall as the first set of buildings, but we knew that the content studio would be extending the background to make it look like we were in the very depths of the city. in order to make every shot feel full, our goal was to pepper the set with myriad point-light sources, as well as light all the windows and doors in the set to create tons of depth and parallax that would not only provide visual interest to the foreground and background of the incredible one-shot, but also help make the transition from live action set to computer generated background more believable. for the lab set, the idea was to make the entire lab come alive as the sphere began to power up and start running. we worked closely with the scenic team to build in LEDtape, Astera Helios Tubes and NYXBulbs all over the set, especially in and around the grating in the floor and walls. we filled the base of the sphere with mr-16s and filled the interior of the sphere with GLP JDC-1s and Ayrton Magic Dots, and each shot required a blast of ground fog in order to make the entire thing glow and feature movement along all of the cracks and openings.

creative director. visual noise creative

lighting designer. mat stovall

lx programmer. michael appel

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