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ghost - nachricht von sam. theatre

date. 2022/2023 tour

producer. showslot

role. lighting designer

description. ghost - nachricht von sam (ghost the musical). the musical is set in a future that visually nods to a matrix or grid. the lighting needed to carve out the silhouettes of the actors with hard edges and keep the set looking slick and new. the pixel led on the edges of the moving legs helped distinguish locations by color shape and movement across the space.

director. Manuel Schmitt

choreographer. Timo Radunz

set designer. Adam Nee

costume designer. Mara Schönborn

musical director. Stefan Schröter

associate LD (2022). Teresa Nagel

lx progammer. Andreas Schäfer

madrix & zactrack progammer. Marvin Amstädter

ghost low angle front shot - act 1 finale

Photo by Nico Moser

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